ENGINITE Training Program Material

“IO3-Development of Educational Content and Relevant Guidebooks” has been successfully delivered by the ENGINITE project consortium. As the lead er of IO3, CUBEIE L.L.C., sought the contribution of all the partners for the development of the ENGINITE educational content and guidebooks. These are currently being used in the ENGINITE training programme and are expected to be used till the ending of t he project. As part of the IO3, the consortium of partners has developed 8 courses based on the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy. These courses were carefully selected based on the consortium’s practical experiences in the industrial sector as well as previous market research by CUBEIE L.L.C.

The courses include educational material such as video tutorials, slideshows, and examples of relevant activities. The syllabus of each of these 8 courses can be found here. As part of the IO3, the consortium of partners has also prepared the ‘Programme Specifications’ document which has been downloaded here. Furthermore, two guidebooks have been developed: a ‘Guidebook for Trainers’ and a ‘Guidebook for Mentors’ aiming at providing guidance and support to the ENGINITE trainers and mentors involved in the training and mentoring of the participanting engineers during the 8 courses and structured internship, respectively. These guidebooks can be download here. CUBEIE L.L.C. is inviting all interested parties and stakeholders to review these materials. CUBEIE L.L.C. and the ENGINITE team would be happy to answer any questions or receive feedback!